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The Desperate Project Manager’s Kit (DPMK)

I was reading Jurgen’s blog about scrum projects and again saw these issues:

1) Not following a business-driven approach to goals and priorities
2) Not delivering real value early and often

In aXes/RAMP application modernization projects I refer to these two items as BV (Business Value).

I think there is evidence that many IBM i software developers nowadays just don’t get what BV is about – or they don’t care – or they have forgotten. They just don’t recognize BV as being the most important thing in IT – especially in application modernization projects.

Modernization project managers must be getting made pretty desperate about this issue.

I decided to try and help by making a DPMK (Desperate Project Manager’s Kit).

The DPMK has 3 key components:


The DPMK usage guidelines are very simple …..

For the first week of the modernization project – gather the project team together every morning – and staple Post-it notes to their foreheads.  (editor’s note: okay, Australians do have a unique sense of humour)

The staples are dual purpose – not only do they stop the notes from falling off – their presence continuously focuses the team members’ attention on the importance of BV.

Some suggested Post-it notes follow ………

post-it 1
BV is Business Value. It is my "raison detre"

post-it 2
Today I am going to talk to a USER about BV!!!

post-it 3
Today I am going to talk to a MANAGER about BV

post-it 4
Yesterday I heard rumors at the BV Manager's meeting

post-it 5
Today I am going to make a proposition!

post-it 6
Trees, Buttons, Drop Downs and Colour Gradients alone do NOT create BV

post-it 7
BV is not Rocket Science. BV is not Brain Surgery.

post-it 8
I promise to add Business Value to my modernized application!

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  1. Like the theme of this blog Mark. Delivering Business Value that is demonstrable is the goal. If you look at Agile (SCRUM) and more recently DevOps – they are targeted at 2 different yet pertinent areas of BV. By doing iterative development (remember time-boxed developed???) you ensure that a project stays on the rails and you actively involve the business. Using longer, monolithic development efforts today can mean that the goalposts have moved during the project – such is life in the 21st century.

    With DevOps, it is ensuring that the BV developed by the team is smoothly delivered into an operational environment – this rounds out the actualisation of the BV. So it is build & execute to get the expected BV.

    The last thing I’d like to say is that many companies fail to include one important feature, and that is how will they measure that the expected BV has been delivered – maybe that would be a good topic for another blog.

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