Modernize Effectively And Reduce Costs With Powerful Low Code Solutions

LANSA takes enterprise application development efficiency to a level beyond what traditional low-code development platforms offer. Check out these deep dive video sessions from LANSA’s Low Code Days into modernization, progressive web apps, and a unique low code enterprise portal.

How can I modernize effectively and save resources?

Visual LANSA’s unmatched hybrid low-code development platform enables the rapid building, deployment, and operation of the apps that make your business run. Eliminate silos between IT and development. Eugene King, LANSA Sales Engineer, gives an in-depth video session on how to modernize effectively, at your own pace, saving the company valuable resources. Integrate legacy, .Net, modern web, and 5250 apps into one framework.


Can I reduce costs with Progressive Web Apps?

Create web apps that function and feel like native apps without the hassle of going through the app store. Edgar Wharton, LANSA Product Manager, deep dives on progressive web applications and user design, and how they impact low-code strategies. Progressive web apps reduce costs and time compared to developing native apps—here’s our take on their place in the market.


Is there a low code off-the-shelf enterprise portal solution?

Greg Sippel, LANSA’s Professional Services Manager, looks at an off-the-shelf enterprise portal solution that is fully scalable and customizable. Need a portal? Want to hear about some great use cases for a low-code solution? Register and see just how quickly you can spin up a portal for your customers.


Portalize is a powerful custom portal builder that is loaded with numerous administrative and user features out of the box. Since Portalize is powered by Visual LANSA, customizations are as easy as modifying any Visual LANSA application. You get the complete source code and total control of your portal. Powered by Visual LANSA, Portalize is a full feature portal code start packed with most requested and necessary features out of the box. Simply plug-in a Visual LANSA application (or multiple apps) and you have a fully functional portal ready to deploy.

Learn more about the fast and secure low code enterprise portal from LANSA.

LANSA Hybrid Low-Code solutions are fast to deploy and easy to maintain delivering outstanding value for any application development project. Ready to get started?

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