Visual LANSA v15: More Powerful Features for the Most Flexible Low-Code Platform

Last week I offered a sneak preview of some of the hot new features in Visual LANSA version 15. However, with all the new and upgraded features LANSA packed into the lastest version of the most powerful low-code platform, I didn’t have time to cover them all. While I still won’t be able to touch on everything, I am going to highlight some cool features I didn’t get to highlight last week. With the new version of Visual LANSA set to launch on April 15, now is the time to learn about how creating enterprise applications just got easier.

Add Quick Rules to Fields

Low-code is all about making it more convenient for developers to create applications quickly. Previously, Visual LANSA allowed you to edit tables in the Business Rules Engine that could be applied across applications. With version 15, you can now apply universal rules down to the field level, meaning even less code needs to be created in individual applications. To top it off, quick rules are based on data type, giving developers greater flexibility.

Date Rules:                              Number Rules:

Sample Applications Enhancements

Whether you are a new Visual LANSA developer or an old pro wanting to learn about new features, the new, enhanced sample applications will prove beneficial. LANSA wanted to make sure everyone could see new features in action, so they loaded up the sample applications with upgrades and enhancements. Want to have users reset passwords via email? There is a sample app for that.

Template for Dashboard App

Dashboards are a quick way to conveniently display important information to the user. Dashboards can be customized and personalized for each user or groups of users. Visual LANSA has had the ability to create dashboards, but we decided to make it even easier with dashboard templates. After all, low-code is all about saving time and being more productive.


PDF Reports from Web Pages

Sometimes you need to be able to create a PDF right from the information on the web page. And in those times when you want to be able to add that functionality into your app, you don’t want it to be a pain. We hear you, and we agree. So in v15 we added the ability to create PDFs right from web pages.


Ready-to-Use Views

Visual LANSA’s templates are the fastest method to get an application up and running quickly. Simply pick a template, answer a few questions, pick some views, and press Create. We wanted to make the templates even more useful, so we added more ready-to-use views. More views mean less coding and more customization. Now you can get your application as close to ready as possible without writing a single line of code.

Ready for Launch!

Visual LANSA version 15 is set to launch on April 15. If you missed my last blog, I highly recommend you check it out as I previewed some of the main features in the upcoming release. Visual LANSA v15 will be the most flexible, most powerful, and best low-code platform on the market. Whether you are running an IBM i, cloud-based, or Windows server, Visual LANSA has you covered. Let Visual LANSA turn your developers into full-stack developers and start creating apps that will revolutionize the way you conduct business. Too find out more details about the latest version of the most powerful low-code platform, register for our v15 launch webinar.




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