Why Low-Code with Visual LANSA 15 Is Simply Better

It is official—with the drop of version 15 on April 15, Visual LANSA becomes the most versatile and most powerful low-code platform on the market. With the ability to deploy to the IBM i, Windows, or Cloud servers, no other low-code platform has the flexibility of Visual LANSA.

Expanding the Developer’s Toolbox
The new version of Visual LANSA added over 500 new highly requested features and performance upgrades and is centered on three main objectives:

  1. To expand the developer’s toolbox

  2. To set the standard for and uphold the integrity of low-code

  3. To make it easier for new developers to learn Visual LANSA, from POC to ongoing development

The Power of Low-Code Done Right

The power behind Visual LANSA has always been its ability to integrate with everything without leaving the IDE. With the ability to use low-code when convenient and the ability to write code when necessary, Visual LANSA has more enterprise application capabilities than any other low-code platform, period. Whether you want to quickly create APIs, easily design a dashboard with impressive charts, easily track changes in code from one revision to another, conveniently add HTML code to customize a low-code app, or simply start an app with more template features, Visual LANSA 15 can deliver.

Taking Training & Adoption to New Heights
Some of our amazing customers have voiced concerns regarding our lack of training material. We listened, and we took those concerns to heart in Visual LANSA 15. The latest version’s sample applications come loaded with more features so developers can reference useful examples to get to creating apps quicker. We even included an in-depth tutorial highlighting all aspects of creating applications in Visual LANSA. And if all that wasn’t enough, we are launching an all new e-learning experience called Learn LANSA by the end of this month (don’t tell my boss I mentioned this early). This site will feature classroom material, tutorials, a learning community for all Visual LANSA users, and other beneficial features for learning Visual LANSA.

A New and Improved Trial Experience
We haven’t forgotten about developers testing out our new version. We’ve made it easier than ever to try Visual LANSA 15. Our free trial experience offers developers a chance to give Visual LANSA a try with new features such as a guided tutorial for creating your first application and the ability to import data from an Excel worksheet. If you can’t or don’t want to use your own data but still want to test out Visual LANSA 15, no problem. A click of a button and less than a minute of your time will import an Excel sheet filled with data into Visual LANSA’s Business Rules Engine to be used by any application you want to create.

We Are Ready … Are You?

Visual LANSA 15 is out now! Contact our sales team at sales@lansa.com to start your upgrade, free trial, or purchase of Visual LANSA 15. Also, check out our Visual LANSA 15 webinar. LANSA Product Manager Edgar Wharton demonstrates some of the new features so you can see Visual LANSA in action.


LANSA Hybrid Low-Code solutions are fast to deploy and easy to maintain delivering outstanding value for any application development project. Ready to get started?

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