Beacon Insurance’s Digital Transformation Powered by LANSA

When it comes to digital transformation, discussions often revolve around how organizations can transform at scale. But, because most businesses’ operations are built on legacy applications, transformation can be difficult.  Legacy code often means a rigid workflow. This, in turn, means that improvements take time to implement and new features are disruptive as well as expensive to build, deploy, and maintain.

While businesses try to strike a comfortable balance, they often have very little time to adapt. The growing digital economy means that a flexible workflow and rapid application and features development are essential to remaining competitive. Whether they want to or not, businesses need reliable solutions to help them attain transformation despite the barriers they face. 

Luckily, LANSA provides a solution that supports IT departments in their transformation efforts. For over three decades LANSA has been creating modernization solutions that help companies implement digital transformation projects and realize the benefits of innovative technologies. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here is a real-world use case where a company leveraged LANSA modernization solutions to reap huge transformational benefits.

This is how they did it.

Is Digital Transformation Scalable For a Small Insurance Company?

Headquartered in Trinidad and Tobago, Beacon Insurance is a leading Caribbean leading insurance provider.  They have decades of experience in the science of insurance.  Beacon offers a wide range of general insurance products which include:

  • Residential and commercial property
  • Personal and commercial motor coverage
  • Personal and commercial marine
  • Marine hull and marine cargo
  • Engineering, amongst others.

In addition, they offer a unique “employee health and benefits” plan.  This is a corporate policy that allows an employer to provide coverage for their staff.  It is all-inclusive, offering everything from medical, dental and optical, to major accident, critical illness, and life coverage.

Over the years, Beacon Insurance has built out multi-channel relationships directly with its customers through branches, agencies, and brokers. Initially, they sought to begin their digital transformation journey in the year 2008. The results were underwhelming. “10 years into the acquisition of our new application, InShore90, we recognized that if we were to fulfill our vision of becoming the insurance company of choice, we really needed to more effectively streamline our operations,” said Robert Boopsingh, CIO of Beacon Insurance. 

Although the InShore90 application was an excellent policy administration platform, they realized they needed additional support to achieve a consistent business process independent of their customer channels. In other words, they were looking to transform at scale and make their existing solutions more functional. So they went out into the market in search of a solution that could provide that support. 

Why Did Beacon Insurance Choose LANSA?

Choosing the right tool was Beacon’s first step to achieving success. According to Robert Boopsingh, as a small insurance company relatively new in the space of IT, they needed a product with a team that provided the professional services that would allow them to collaborate effectively to fulfill their vision.  They needed a flexible technology platform to work with their core application on the IBM i Series. Most importantly, they needed one with a proven track record. After a year in the market for a solution that offered the complete package, the former CIO and current VP of sales and business development discovered LANSA. 

LANSA provided that and more. “LANSA has become our go-to technology partner in the application space. We have others in the infrastructure space but none as impactful in driving our digital transformation as LANSA has been,” explained Robert.

How Did Beacon Insurance Leverage LANSA For Digital Transformation?

LANSA professional services took the approach of gradually addressing Beacon’s business channels. Starting with internal solutions, they created workflows that ensured consistency in how a Beacon policy was underwritten and produced, amended during its life cycle, renewed, and how claims were processed.

LANSA’s workflow solution also modernized Beacon’s existing IBM i green screen environment to a Windows GUI with controlled workflows. The new solution provided Beacon with clear control points and improved process flow data.

The next step was integrating Beacon’s sister company which provided premium financing services on a different platform. With LANSA’s integration solution, Beacon’s underwriters could now access both policy administration and premium financing on the same transaction.

Finally, LANSA empowered Beacon to develop a web-based portal for their brokers and their customers. Both sides could now see their policies, download their documents, make payments, initiate renewals, and initiate claim information as needed. With those processes seamlessly managed, Beacon built a solution that allowed their IT department to easily administer these portals. 

How Can Beacon’s Result Inspire Your Business?

Beacon successfully collaborated with LANSA’s professional services to achieve its vision. LANSA provided Beacon with a much-needed technological platform. The result across the board was streamlined operations. 

According to Robert, no matter what audience they wished to impact, they could collaborate with LANSA to achieve success. Whether the ned user was their customers, stakeholders, or employees, they could leverage LANSA to build and deploy effective solutions. 

Head over and check out the full case study about Beacon and LANSA.

Is there a Customer Spotlight Video For Beacon?

Want to learn about this particular project in more detail? Check out this YouTube video featuring Beacon Insurances’ CIO, Robert Boopsingh. He presents Rotary’s take on this project, its results, and lessons they learned in the process.

How Can Your Business Take Advantage of Visual LANSA?

Now that you’ve seen how Beacon Insurance has achieved success with LANSA Professional Services and LANSA modernization solutions, contact us to see how we can help with your project.


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