How Red Frog Events Increased On-Site Event Revenue by 200%

One of the favorite aspects of my job is talking to customers about how and why they chose LANSA. Even more thrilling is when I’m a user of the customer’s technology and get to experience the evolution of their product.

Before I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tom Kita, lead software engineer at Red Frog Events, an award-winning event production company, I participated in two of their events – the Warrior Dash and Chicago Beer Classic. Unbeknownst to me, I used EventSprout, the company’s online, easy-to-use ticketing and registration tool to process my registrations. At that time, I received a confirmation email that included a link to view and print my tickets. To be admitted to each event, a photo ID and a printed ticket were required.

Fast forward a few years, and Red Frog was in search of a technology partner that would enable the company to extend EventSprout. Red Frog, along with third-party event organizers, uses EventSprout to pre-sell tickets and merchandise, capture customer demographics, track sales, and understand overall event performance. However, the platform was missing the ability to capture ticket sales on-site.

After a rigorous RFP process, LANSA was selected to develop a mobile point of sale app to streamline the ticket selling process, improve the customer experience, and bring more value to the platform. Full details of the app’s requirements can be found here. More importantly, Red Frog’s ongoing efforts to push the capabilities of EventSprout, with the help of LANSA, provides immense benefits to users like me.

Today, if I were to attend a Red Frog event, I would have the option to pre-purchase my tickets online or walk up and pay at the gate the day of (if the event wasn’t sold out). I’d be able to pay with cash or credit card. I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing a printed ticket with me because I could bring the ticket up on my phone and have my ticket’s barcode scanned. It wouldn’t matter if the device Red Frog used to scan my ticket was without internet access (many events are in remote areas) because the app was developed to run offline and sync up to EventSprout when connectivity becomes available again. These features, along with more, enabled Red Frog to increase on-site event revenue by nearly 200%.

Take a few minutes and read the short case study. It’s a great story of how partnering with the right technology provider can make dramatic improvements to your company’s success.

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