LANSA Open for .NET Features

Tight, Fast, and Secure Access to IBM i Resources from .NET Applications

Lansa Open Net Provider

Incorporate IBM i Services from .NET

Enable Microsoft Visual Studio developers to use IBM i objects in their .NET applications

  • Opens up the IBM i data and applications to .NET developers in a productive and safe context while enforcing data management discipline.
  • LANSA Repository Explorer and Data Model Editor—access to the LANSA Repository from within Visual Studio.
  • Data management discipline is enforced by centrally stored business rules and functions, including data validations, error messages, referential integrity, database triggers, and derived (or virtual) fields.
  • Productivity is enhanced by removing the need for the inclusion of business rules and data validation in the .NET applications.
  • Invoke IBM i server functions from C# or Visual Basic programs.
  • Maintain (create, update, delete) databases on the IBM i from .NET programs with business rules enforced at the database.
  • Supports access to multilingual and DBCS services provided by the IBM i.
  • Faster and more secure than ODBC. Unlike basic table I/O applications, all client applications are automatically subjected to rigorous IBM i security checks, data validation, and referential integrity checks.
  • Secure encryption between the Windows and IBM i platforms using industry-standard DES or Twofish.
  • Full .NET CLR verifiable class library—LANSA Open for .NET is not a class library front end to a non-CLR compliant WIN32 application.
  • No knowledge of LANSA is required by .NET developers. They only need to become familiar with the services provided by the class library and the LANSA .NET provider.
  • Small footprint—deploys as a single DLL within your .NET applications.
  • Standardized error handling, tracing, and diagnostic capabilities.

Building a .NET and IBM i App with LANSA Open for .NET

See how to build a data services layer and an IBM i connected .NET application that works collaboratively with the IBM i server using Microsoft Visual Studio and LANSA Open for .NET. Learn how developers have access to IBM i server functions, including programs, spooled files, message queues, and operating system commands.

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