LANSA Client Features

Desktop Query Builder and Reporting Tool

Lansa Client Query Builder

No Code Report Builder

Query, report, and analyze data from a single tool with drag-and-drop ease of use.


  • Auto-navtive multiple files
  • Buisness names for fields and files
  • All of this type possible through effective use of technology.
  • Dynamic data grouping and summary
  • Easy drill-down to related files
  • Linked queries
  • Multiple filter conditions can be joined by Boolean operators
  • Prompt for variable inputs
  • Queries can be run in batch mode
  • Save queries

Display and Distribute Query Results

  • View reports on screen
  • Print report
  • Convert the data to display as chart
  • Copy query result data in MicrosoftⓇ OfficeⓇ tools
  • Extend reporting capability with the third-party reporting tools
  • Export query result data as HTML or XML
  • Import query result data into MicrosoftⓇ AccessTM
  • Import query result data into Microsoft SQL server Reporting Services(SSRS)

Rapid Applications Development

  • Point-and-click creation of a reporting application
  • Package multiple queries into a single application
  • Customized menu bar
  • Central help text

Server Platforms

  • Windows servers
  • IBM i server
  • Linux server

Client Platforms

  • Windows

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