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Our experts will help evaluate and update your enterprise mobile strategy. Just need to build an app on a tight timeline? We do that too.


In many countries, people access the Internet more with smartphones and tablets than with personal computers. Google says it’s been this way since early 2015. People turn to their smartphones impulsively throughout the day.

Use their smartphone to influence a purchase in store
Use their smartphone for ideas while doing a new task
Use their smartphone to progress a multi-step process


Our clients want to provide their customers, partners and prospects with a unified experience that builds relationships and trust over a continuum of time, location and connection types. To achieve this optimal user experience, we help consolidate strategies across Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Fulfillment and IT – ultimately delivering mobile apps with existing enterprise technologies and relationship data.

Online or Offline

Users appreciate when apps continue to function even when their device isn’t Internet connected. Consider a travel app for example. While connected, the app can facilitate searches and bookings. While in flight or in a (remote) destination, offline users can retain access to their itineraries, city guides and local maps.

Device Capabilities

We build apps with full and seamless access to device capabilities, such as integration of the camera, address book, geolocation, email, barcode scanner, printers, payment, voice, and other device features.


Our process for mobile-app design shares many elements of our user experience design process for websites. It starts with understanding the business goals, market research and user stories. Then we create wireframes and prototypes to ensure that stakeholders can provide feedback on their own terms, before significant development begins.

Mobile Solutions UX Design Process Example Wireframe
Mobile Solutions UX Design Process Example Page


We have a long history of leveraging mobile devices to add efficiency in the enterprise and gain a competitive advantage. With the right combination of business and technical expertise, we’ll help you build your Enterprise Mobile strategy. From B2B and B2C, to Mobile Sales, to the Assembly Line, we’ve got you covered.

Partnering for Success

We know we can’t do it all. In addition to learning from our client’s executives, business leads and process owners, we often collaborate with our client’s choice of marketing agency, graphic design firm, test group, cloud provider and anywhere else they have a pre-existing relationship that serves them well. We want to be part of the team that brings success!


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