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Get the certainty that your core applications will continue to support your business needs. LANSA’s Managed Application Services takes ownership for the management of your applications. A Service Level Agreement, customized to suit your needs, offers predictable performance for a predictable price.

Our Managed Application Services offering has evolved from over three decades of experience in providing production support of our clients’ mission critical business applications.


Our teams are led by resources in North America and Europe, and backed by employees in our office in Manila Philippines. Our clients appreciate that we have exceptionally low turnover, which gives them the comfort of resource stability without the high overhead costs and uncertainty of in-house development personnel.

Managed Services


We have the skills and bandwidth to help with all types of application maintenance. Here are some typical tasks.

Up-time Monitoring

At the start of the engagement, we identify all potential points of failure and implement monitors for each. We establish recovery procedures for each scenario. Then we respond to any alerts that may occur, ensuring downtime is limited.

Health Reporting

We set up a SharePoint environment for each customer that becomes a home for all related reporting and documentation. Our clients don’t have to wait for monthly status meetings and reports, the health of their systems is always visible.

Performance Improvement

Sometimes, the system is functioning fine, but performance lags in certain situations. We’ll monitor performance and quickly identify the conditions where business is hampered. Then, we’ll take measurements to determine the contributors to latency, and prioritize adjustments that are low risk, low cost and produce significant, measurable improvements.


We want our customers to get full value for their investment in our Managed Services offering. So, in quiet maintenance periods when demand is low, our resources can stay busy designing and implementing added-value services that improve your systems’ ability to support your business. We can develop new reports, integration, web apps, mobile apps, etc.

Issue Resolution

Every existing and new issue is logged in a web-based tracking system so that progress is visible to all stakeholders. We work to reproduce issues, analyze the root cause, design a fix, consider the scope of impact, develop a test suite, implement the fix, test, validate with the business, and deploy – all the while communicating at an appropriate level.


To see if our Managed Services offering is a good fit for your organization, we conduct a free multi-step assessment to evaluate your systems, your needs, and match that to our skills and services. If the ROI is evident, it’s sensible to proceed.


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