Leave your legacy, by leaving your legacy.

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We specialize in maintaining, modernizing, or migrating away from outdated technologies that are hampering business. Whether you evolve cautiously or want rapid transformation, we help you plot a course and leave your legacy behind. We offer our clients full spectrum support with their legacy transformation strategy.

A Spectrum of Legacy Transformation Options


We quickly stabilize legacy systems and offer low cost maintenance to ensure business continuity, while you develop your longer term strategy.


You ultimately need to leave your legacy software, but perhaps your systems are so complex and entrenched in your business operations that the best business decision is to wait a while longer.


If that’s the case, you’ll want to maintain your existing systems at a low cost, with low risk, but allow your business to adapt.

Getting Started

We evaluate your current use of technology in support of your current operations, and identify bottlenecks.

We gather and publish the backlog of bugs, along with newly identified enhancements so all stakeholders see progress.

We analyze data schemas and data patterns to facilitate future integration or migration.


We work independently or alongside your developers to deliver value that meet with business approval.


We use modern technologies and techniques to extend your ERP systems far beyond what you could have imagined. Your business users will get what they want, you’ll have peace of mind with a low risk strategy, and you’ll save a lot of money.


Your back-end ERP systems embody decades of business experience, with custom business rules and algorithms that are as unique as your business. Your database is OK, but is lacking some important information. Meanwhile, your Sales and Marketing departments are becoming impatient trying to meet customer demands, and IT systems are simply not keeping up.


If that’s the case, you’ll want to keep your ERP system and extend some of its core elements.

Getting Started

We evaluate your current use of technology in support of your current operations, and identify opportunities to improve.


We analyze data schemas and extend without causing chaos.


We integrate with partner systems in practical ways – such as wrapping functionality in REST web services.


We offer users an optimized User Experience, with all new web and mobile functionality, integrated to your ERP.


We ensure that your brand is given the respect it deserves in gorgeous, simple, functional screens.


We plan and execute a clean exit from your legacy systems to your target (perhaps cloud) architecture.


You maintain homegrown software written in.NET, Java, RPG, COBOL, etc.  Or you run systems such as Sage, Infor (BAAN/LN, MAPICS/XA, BPCS/LX, …) or Oracle (JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, …). Perhaps you want to consolidate your global on-premise and SAAS solutions to a new set of integrated cloud offerings.


If that’s the case, you’ll want to plan your exit strategy well, control the many elements of risk, keep costs down, and stabilize into your new technology architecture rapidly – to limit any negative impact on business in the interim.

Getting Started

We help you envision and justify a new technology architecture to support optimized business operations.


We guide your technology and vendor selection process, with an independent but informed perspective.


We extract, transform and load your data and map business operations and rules to your target architecture.


We help orchestrate and energize the migration and organizational change needed to reach your goals.



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