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Visual LANSA

Simplify the way your apps are developed

Make your business engine run smoother and faster with Visual LANSA hybrid low-code platform.


The LANSA Hybrid Low‑Code Difference

All the Tools a Developer Needs In One IDE

LANSA takes enterprise application development efficiency to a level beyond what traditional low-code development platforms offer.
  • Combines low-code and traditional coding in the same IDE
  • One IDE to develop progressive web and desktop applications
  • Develop web and desktop applications using many of the same assets
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The Power of Coding in a Low‑Code Solution 

Visual LANSA Resources

Single Low-Code Language
Single codebase orchestrates your entire application from the front- to back-end eliminating the need for multi-stack developers that make applications expensive to develop and maintain.
Active Repository Engine
One repository houses all elements essential for your application. Users define business rules in one location and apply them to all your application modules and components to radically increase efficiency and flexibility.
Single Visual Development Environment
Easy to use IDE allows developers to quickly jump from a visual “drag and drop” development to scripting for maximum productivity. The LANSA Studio is loved by both novice and experienced developers.
Business-ready Performance
Fast to Build, Easy to Learn, Always tuned for Performance. Low-level code compilation ensures high performance on multiple hosted platforms, including IBM i, Windows, and various cloud solutions. LANSA performs like a native application leveraging deeper OS integration vs other Low Code solutions.
Class Platform Deployment
Integrated responsie design enables deployment on multiple devices from Desktop to Mobile without changes to your code.
Write Once, Run Anywhere
Flexibility wth cloud or on-premises deployment options to IBM i, Windows,Linux Native
Data Services Independance
Powerful abstraction layer insulates developers from database intricacies and standardizes data access across database products(Database Management (DBMS) systemes agnostic)

Build Anything, Fast.

Take back Control with the Visual LANSA Low‑Code Platform

Visual LANSA’s unmatched hybrid low-code development platform enables the rapid building, deployment, and operation of the apps that make your business run. Eliminate silos between IT and development.

“We simply love LANSA’s repository approach. We have defined all our business rules & calculated fields in the repository. Our applications run in English and French and LANSA’s multilingual facilities handle this superbly.”

“The successful rollout of Elder’s digital and online projects was a major factor in the Marketing & Communications winning the 2017 One Elders Team of the Year Award.”

“Developing with LANSA let us build and support our dealer communication solutions in house, delivering huge cost savings and benefits.”


“LANSA provides great productivity benefits...we can continue to use our own knowledgeable IT team, rather than outsourcing web projects to a third-party without hospitality knowledge.”

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Visual LANSA Features

Flexible IDE

With the ability to code both client-side and server-side apps from inside the IDE, LANSA’s hybrid low-code approach is the most versatile method for developing apps. Stay inside the IDE to create your entire application and easily migrate existing applications written in other languages using our bridge capabilities. With all the development tools conveniently located inside one IDE, you won’t need to create workarounds in other languages typically seen in other low-code platforms.

The Low-Code Platform That Benefits Every Technical Role

Visual LANSA impacts every area of the business, delivering company‑wide innovation, productivity, and control.

For IT Managers

LANSA lets your team create apps up to 10x faster than usual, reducing the time- to- market for new apps and helping clear your application backlog.

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For CxOs

LANSA equips your IT team to innovate and deliver new apps in the time frame the business needs. Your team becomes more productive and responsive.

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For Developers

LANSA’s low-code platform allows you to become a full-stack developer delivering web and mobile apps faster and easier than ever before.

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For ISVs/SIs

LANSA’s low-code platform helps build easy-to-maintain apps for your customers, reduces time-to-market, and makes your team more productive.

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Visual LANSA 15+ Is Here

Progressive web apps
Create web apps that function and feel like native apps without the hassle of going through the app store.
User defined storage
Speed up app performance and store assets and resources for times when web connectivity is low.
LANSA’s first client-side routing framework
Fewer calls to the server and more functionality when sharing links.
Service worker
LANSA will take care of creating the service worker so the developer can focus on solutions.
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