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Full-stack low-code development for teams that want to move faster

Low-Code Platform

LANSA’s low-code application development platform puts you back in control by accelerating the development and delivery of enterprise web and mobile applications. Apps are typically built 10x faster than using traditional methods. LANSA makes your team more productive with its unique low-code language that converts your developers into full-stack developers. Here’s how LANSA will enable you to quickly respond to demands from users and executives:

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The Need for Speed

When overburdened IT departments are stretched too thin, they can’t keep up with business needs. The overburdening is easy to understand, as decades of scrambling to meet new business requirements have mixed with maintenance needs to keep aging applications alive and well.

Upgrade Your Team

Low-code development platforms arm IT with the ability to rapidly develop and deliver enterprise applications. Compared to traditional application development, low-code greatly minimizes hand-coding in multiple languages, maximizes re-use, reduces risk and eliminates the need to find elusive and costly full-stack developers. The only way to increase IT output – besides hiring more staff – is to provide your current staff with better development tools.

Reduce Complexity

The sheer number of mobile devices, form factors, browsers, server platforms, and operating systems IT must support has elevated the complexity of application development to an all-time high. Developing apps for web, mobile, and desktop can be a daunting task and requires a lot of specialized skills. LANSA shields developers from having to worry about how their project will be deployed across various architectures or platforms, so they can remain focused on building business applications.

Cross Platform Deployment

Changing server platforms or databases can be extremely disruptive. With LANSA’s built-in cross platform capabilities, you can migrate your applications between any hybrid-mix of Cloud and on premise Windows, Linux, or IBM i platforms with little or no code modification. Better yet, since LANSA eliminates database and platform lock-in, you have full control over the many elements of risk so you can stabilize your technology architecture. It’s everything that low-code was meant to be.

Business Application Framework

Need to build commercial grade software rapidly? Imagine if you could generate high quality enterprise applications that have a consistent look and feel with minimal coding. You can with LANSA’s business application framework. And because the framework provides pre-built navigation, search filters, detail panels, and all the plumbing code required to wire everything up, you’re up and running quickly.

Data Quality By Design

A company is only as good as its data. LANSA’s Business Rules Engine and Data Services Layer promote an entirely different approach to application development. With LANSA’s Business Rules Engine, you can externally define your system-wide business logic in a single repository, without coding rules at the application or database level. LANSA’s independent Data Services Layer enforces these centrally defined rules and data constraints throughout all LANSA-developed applications, regardless what platform they are deployed on. This application architecture eliminates platform or database lock-in, greatly improves data integrity and significantly reduces the application maintenance effort.

Integrate With Everything

Very few application development projects start with a clean slate; most have to integrate with existing databases, legacy code, and other applications already in production. This is another area where LANSA shines. Our long, multi-decade experience with real-world customer applications around the globe spans a plethora of computing platforms, databases, data formats, communication protocols, security standards, and much more. With the LANSA low-code platform, you can easily extend data from any database on any platform to web, mobile, and desktop applications. As well as use web services and APIs to allow data to flow through your existing back-office systems and business processes.

No Full Stack Developers Required

With the amount of development languages, technologies, and frameworks-of-the month spiraling out of control, it’s hard to find new full-stack developers skilled on both client-side and server-side development. And when you do find them, they’re expensive to hire and have little understanding of your business. So, what to do? Use LANSA’s low-code development platform, and turn your current IT staff into full-stack experts with minimal training.

One language, one platform. Simpler, faster full-stack development. Ready?