Simplify How Work Gets Done on the IBM i

LANSA has helped enterprise technical teams modernize and expand the functionality of the IBM i for 30+ years. If you need to develop new apps, modernize your existing apps, or create an entire ERP, LANSA has an IBM i solution to fit your needs.

Whether you need to:

  • Build and maintain massive inventory management systems
  • Create hospitality booking infrastructures
  • Develop economic growth ecosystems in the public sector

LANSA provides the right tools at the right price for enterprise modernization projects.

Simplify Your Enterprise Ops with Hybrid Low‑Code for the IBM i

Build Anything on the i. Seriously.

Supply Chain & Inventory

High Liner’s virtual supply chain allows all members of the supply chain, including suppliers, shipping companies, customs brokers, quality control, and manufacturing staff, to track orders, shipments, and delivery dates in real time from anywhere.
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The new applications are far easier to use, resulting in over 100 business users spending less time learning and navigating the system.
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Customer & Supplier Portals

The supplier portal; the underlying ERP system; and the entire process of generating purchase orders, packing slips, box labels, invoices, and EDI transactions consist of LANSA-based applications.
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Custom Solutions

Find out how Porsche improved customer service through the use of LANSA apps. Dealers can now quickly check stock and customize a new car while sitting with the customer.
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Modernize the IBM i on Your Terms

LANSA offers a variety of solutions that gives businesses complete control over their IBM i modernization projects. Addressing short-term needs without disrupting long-term goals is a key aspect of LANSA’s approach. Keep what works, improve what is inefficient, and create new apps all in the same framework for convenient access.

Save time and money by focusing on how your business needs to modernize, not by how a solution forces you to.


Modernize Existing Applications

Web enable 5250 screens on the fly. Add functionality and customization by combining screens, calling APIs, or using JavaScript. No source code required.
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Create New Applications

Create new web-enabled apps with the power of low-code. Visual LANSA allows you to create apps up to 10x faster than traditional coding and still gives you complete native integration with your IBM i.
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Combine New & Old Applications

Combine your existing 5250 screens and new apps created in Visual LANSA into one web-enabled framework. Add additional functionality to current 5250 screens while eliminating the hierarchical navigation of your current apps.

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ERP Frameworks

LANSA’s ERP Frameworks consists of three modules (manufacturing, distribution, financials) that can each function as stand-alone solutions or be combined for the ultimate ERP.
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Build Custom Portals, Fast

Powered by Visual LANSA, Portalize is a full-feature portal code start packed with most requested and necessary features out of the box. Simply plug in a Visual LANSA (or multiple apps), and you have a fully functional portal ready to deploy.
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Customer Stories

Supporting the i for Decades


LANSA mobile apps helped Braums in several areas, including customer service and maintenance management.


“We wouldn’t have considered making this online reservation solution ourselves without LANSA.”


After struggling to make progress with open-source resources, LANSA delivers the necessary apps for back-end integrations.


The company implemented a Europe-wide mobility service, reducing calls and increasing the quality of the ordering process.

Visual LANSA 15+ Is Here

Progressive web apps
Create web apps that function and feel like native apps without the hassle of going through the app store.
User defined storage
Speed up app performance and store assets and resources for times when web connectivity is low.
LANSA’s first client-side routing framework
Fewer calls to the server and more functionality when sharing links.
Service worker
LANSA will take care of creating the service worker so the developer can focus on solutions.