An IBM i Modernization Strategy for Immediate Results and Long-Term Strategy

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A New Approach for IBM i Modernization

Some IBM i companies believe that modernizing RPG/COBOL applications means refacing existing 5250 screens with a graphical interface. They are right, but they’re missing the big picture.

Others believe that modernizing IBM i application means rewriting large portions of their systems with modern web technologies. Again, they are correct, but no one can afford the time, resources, and risk of large-scale projects anymore.


Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) is an incremental modernization approach that implements the best of refacing existing applications and new development.


By consolidating existing functionality with new capabilities inside RAMP’s application framework, you get to have the applications you want without having to throw everything away


Modernization is performed in stages, new functionality can be introduced incrementally without serious impact to business operations, and the user interface becomes consistent across all of the applications.

Benefits of RAMP

RAMP’s modernization process is nonintrusive, is easy to deploy, and takes into account the real-world requirements of companies who want to modernize existing 5250 applications without disrupting day-to-day business activities.

Reduced Risk and Maximize ROI

RAMP allows you to reuse the best parts of your current systems and augment them with the new functionality your users have been requesting. Reduce risk by leveraging the tried-and-true parts of your applications and maximize ROI by reusing your customized code.

Designed for Today and Tomorrow

The RAMP framework insulates your applications and developers from the complexities of the underlying hardware and operating systems. Your applications will always be ready and enabled for future changes, enabling developers to focus on building software instead of technology.

Improved User Productivity

Today’s users feel instantly familiar with RAMP’s modern web browser or Windows desktop interface. Users can work with multiple applications at the same time, create a customized user experience, access capabilities not available in 5250, and perform their daily tasks faster.

Increased User Interface Flexibility

RAMP removes the constraints of 5250 applications. With RAMP, you choose what parts of the 5250 applications you want to modernize and how you want them to look. Deploy as a Windows application for better desktop integration and performance in a web browser for the easiest deployment.

More Responsive to Business Needs

Faster development means IT can be more responsive to meet increasing business requirements. Since RAMP provides all the plumbing code for your applications, developers focus on building actual applications instead of layers of foundation code. Less coding means faster results.

Easier and Faster Application Updates

RAMP reduces administrative costs by simplifying deployment. RAMP’s rapid deployment architecture enables IT to provide users with continual enhancements using targeted updates only new components and/or enhanced components.


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Beacon Insurance Modernizes and Streamlines Insure/90

Discover how Beacon Insurance modernized Insure/90 using RAMP, which provides prototyping, refacing, and development facilities. Not only was Beacon able to reface their RPG/COBOL programs, but they augmented Insure/90 with newly developed Visual LANSA programs, .NET programs, websites, and other applications.

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