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Portalize is a fully functional, fully customizable portal framework loaded with the most essential portal features right out of the box. Your developers can focus on creating solutions rather than spending time developing complex features needed in today’s application portals.


Portalize’s features include:

What Do I Need in a Portal Solution?

Portalize by LANSA

The power of the Visual LANSA low-code platform was the perfect starting point for creating a scalable, customizable, full-featured portal solution. The flexibility of Visual LANSA means Portalize is ready to go as soon as you set it up in Visual LANSA and can be easily customized and modified as technology and user demands change. Portalize is the perfect solution when you need an advanced portal but don’t have the time or resources to create one from scratch.

LANSA Portalize

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Powered by Visual LANSA

Portalize was created with the most powerful low-code platform, Visual LANSA, meaning you get total customization of your portal. Along with quick and easy customizations, you get a massive library of usable Visual LANSA modules and code, an understanding of the best practices in Visual LANSA, a reference for consistent application development, and the entire portal source code to customize and tweak as needed. With the power of Visual LANSA, Portalize is easily the most versatile and scalable portal on the market. Learn more >>
Visual Lansa Powered
Easily customize Portalize right inside the Visual LANSA IDE.