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Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning Software for IBM i

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Comprehensive ERP with Rich Functionality

LANSA’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an open source enterprise resource planning software solution for IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400). It is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide business solution with rich business functionality, an Executive Dashboard, Advanced Workflow, Desktop Integration, and flexible End User Queries and Reports – —giving you the visibility you need to gain control and make educated business decisions.


Other IBM i ERP software solutions require extensive consulting, expensive upgrades, and high maintenance fees, and you fear whether you will ever get the desired functionality and ROI from a new ERP system.


LANSA ERP Frameworks removes the risk, providing:

Benefits of LANSA ERP Frameworks

Each LANSA ERP module is seamlessly integrated with related modules, contains transaction auditing, and includes reports necessary for monitoring your business and reporting to governing agencies, but each have been designed to be used independently to be used in “best-of-breed” situations too.

No More Vendor Lock-in
and High Maintenance

If you already have an ERP system running on your IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400), you may already be experiencing vendor lock-in. With LANSA ERP, there is no more vendor lock-in, high maintenance fees, being stuck on a release, or bad customer support.

Business Process
Integration and Workflow

LANSA’s IBM i enterprise resource planning software comes equipped with a complete business process integration and workflow engine enabling business transactions from any source or format to be automatically processed based on business priorities and needs.

You Are in
Complete Control

You know there will be changes made to your ERP to remain competitive in your market. Since everything is 100% LANSA, you get the benefits of a proven system, that is rich in functionality and that is easily modifiable to meet your constantly changing business requirements.

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Case Studies

Kawasaki Chooses LANSA ERP and Reaps the Benefits

Some companies choose to implement big ERP packages that require them to change their business in order to match what the ERP vendor deems best practices. It is technically and financially challenging to add or customize functionality after the fact. Because of this, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. chose a different path
and is reaping the benefits.

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