LANSA Composer Features

No-Code Business Process Integration

Lansa Composer Business Process Integration Sequence Screen

Code-Free Data Transformation and Business Process Integration

Simple yet cost-effective way to get transactions in and out of your business systems with less human effort.

Powerful Visual Mapping Tool

  • Drag-and-drop, graphical user interface for transformation mapping.
  • Transform information between external and internal formats as it is received or before it is sent.
  • Extract information from corporate databases to send as XML, EDI, and other document formats to trading partners.
  • Transform incoming XML, EDI, and other document formats, and write directly to your database for processing by existing applications and much more.
  • Multilingual support for user interface.

Simple But Powerful Process Orchestration Capability

  • Define processing sequences visually using the Processing Sequence Editor—without coding.
  • Processing sequences combine activities and data transformation maps with processing directives such as loops and conditions.
  • A complete multistep business process can be defined, executed, and managed as a single processing unit of work, without programming.
  • Restart processing sequences from any point.

Ready to Use Activities

  • FTP and HTTP transport.
  • POP3 for inbound and SMTP for outbound email.
  • SMS (mobile phone text messages).
  • Inbound and outbound transactions via message brokering systems such as IBM WebSphere MQ.
  • SQL database operations.
  • Watch folders, data queues, and message queues.
  • File management.
  • Transaction document management.
  • Variable manipulation.
  • Processing and data transformation.
  • Zip/unzip.
  • Call existing 3GL, Java, and other programs or execute Ruby scripts.
  • Drive 5250 applications automatically when coupled with aXes.

Administration and Operations

  • Browser-based management console for monitoring performance, throughput, processing sequences, history, and event logs provides operational insight for administrators.
  • Document Manager for monitoring inbound and outbound transaction documents.

Configuration and Trading Partner Definitions

  • Configurations encapsulate the variable information required for common transport activities and for database connections.
  • Define source and target identification and addressing as well as security credentials.
  • Variable transport and database configurations and trading partner definitions give maximum flexibility.
  • Create as many configurations as you need to define the information to connect or communicate with other parties.

Extensible and Customizable

  • Activities, along with data transformation maps, implement specific business functions that are executed by processing sequences.
  • Use immediately with the supplied activities to exchange business information such as orders and invoices with other parties, including external trading partners and internal business units, using standard protocols.
  • A simple interface is provided to enable you to "wrap" your specific business logic as custom activities.
  • Simpler to code – Developers work on components rather than the whole application.
  • Map data between disparate formats, including XML, EDI (UN/EDIFACT and ANSI X12), HL7 (legacy EDI and XML V3.x), XBRL, SAP iDOCS, IATA PADIS, MicrosoftⓇ Excel 2007 (OO XML files), text files, web service functions, and a wide range of databases, including IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Execute LANSA functions on remote systems.

Choosing the Right Business Process Integration Solution

Many organizations struggle to integrate applications, especially when different technologies, vendors, cloud platforms, and skills are involved. Business Process Integration (BPI) can help lower processing costs and improve data accuracy by automating the exchange of data between systems and trading partners.

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