Enterprise Integration

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Enterprise Integration

Most IT departments struggle with integration, especially when different computing platforms, data formats, and connectivity protocols are involved. LANSA makes integration easy by providing extensive integration options for connecting apps to existing and new systems.

Unlike other low-code solutions, which rely on proprietary connectors or REST APIs only (which need to be created and maintained using traditional coding if they don’t already exist), LANSA can communicate directly with your current systems’ existing integration points without having to do any further work. This means you can integrate with old systems just as quickly as new.


Compared to hand coding integrations, LANSA is much faster and less complex. With LANSA, all the parameters surrounding trading partners, transportation protocols, data mappings, and more can be changed independently of the business processes. This architecture enables you to update, for example, the IP address of your trading partner’s FTP server without having to update the business processes that use it.


LANSA’s drag-and-drop solution is so easy to learn that anyone on your team can instantly become an integration expert.

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How LANSA Helps Connect Your Business

Today’s enterprise needs to be more agile and better connected. Whether working with purchased, in-house, legacy, heavily customized, on premise, or cloud-based, every organization has a need to connect and integrate applications, data, and processes.

Data Integration Challenges

Many organizations struggle with integration, especially when different computing platforms, data formats, and connectivity protocols are involved. Delays in getting things right can mean delays in realizing revenue opportunities, executing on partnerships, strengthening customer intimacy, and streamlining business processes. Sometimes expensive and error prone manual steps are used to fill gaps. In other cases, the resulting inefficient architecture requires trying to keep multiple data stores of the same data in sync. The costs of incorrect data can be serious. The costs of overcoming limited integration technologies can be worse.

More Than ETL

You need more than just middleware and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load). And you want to leapfrog the intense and complex integration broker technologies that require months of disruption and implementation planning to consume. Isn’t it ironic that so many so-called data integration solutions on the market today require so much time and expense to “integrate?”

Data Transformation

LANSA has the tools to help you integrate the disparate data, applications, processes, and databases that drive your business. And, like LANSA’s whole portfolio of “Advanced Software Made Simple,” it’s so easy to learn and operate.

Data Translation

Being in business today means you’re already faced with data in a myriad of formats including: XML, text data, CSV, JSON, EDI, ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, HL7, XBRL, Microsoft Excel, SAP iDocs, PDF, Zip, and character sets that need transliteration. Your IT solutions need to handle some or all of these formats as well as directly retrieving and storing data in your existing databases. LANSA makes all of this easy.


Unless your company is the 800 pound gorilla that sets the rules for all of your trading relationship transactions, you’re not always in a position to dictate the data format or communication protocol. Sooner or later, you’ll need to support all of them.

Connectivity Challenges

It’s challenging enough that there are nearly as many different data formatting standards as there are different applications. Worse yet, the long list of different and incompatible connection and transfer standards adds another layer of complexity to data integration. And each communications protocol standard has its own pros and cons relative to market adoption, security, efficiency, and fitness for your varied data integration use cases.

Data Transfer Made Easy

LANSA has you covered here as well, with simple and easy data integration through all of the market leading data transfer protocols used in global business operations including AS2, AS3, HTTP, FTP, FTP/s, sFTP, HTTP/s, email, pop3, SMTP, SMS text messaging, REST, SOAP, and varied message queuing standards including MQ and JMS.

Enterprise Integration Products

LANSA Integrator

Data integration software to connect applications and businesses.

LANSA Composer

Code-free data transformation and business process integration

One language, one platform. Simpler, faster full-stack development. Ready?