Visual LANSA v15: The Most Powerful Low-Code Platform Just Got Even Better

The launch of Visual LANSA’s Version 15 is just around the corner. LANSA has packed the latest version of the most powerful low-code platform with new features that will improve application development and integration far beyond the capacities of other low-code platforms. Keeping the developer at the heart of the upgrade, Visual LANSA v15 expands the developer toolbox to include even more time-saving features and make integrations easier than ever. We give even more control to the developer while still keeping the principles and convenience of the low-code methodology. With the latest version of Visual LANSA, creating enterprise applications has never been so simple … or fast.

Upload Data from Excel

Whether you want to try Visual LANSA without accessing your own database, test new applications with trial data, or upload data residing solely on an Excel spreadsheet, Visual LANSA 15 now provides an ultra quick way to get data from Excel into your Visual LANSA Business Rules Engine. Simply click the Import from Excel icon and follow the wizard, and in seconds a file will be created with the rows, columns, and data from your spreadsheet.  

Creating APIs Just Got Easier

APIs are a vital part of modern application integration, and LANSA has made it even easier for developers to create APIs. It is now as easy as drag and drop. 

Chart Controls Go Native

Visualizing data is as important as ever to executives and managers, so LANSA added native chart controls for web applications. It is now easier than ever to create a chart in your application or dashboard.

Sample Code for Modern Services

Visual LANSA has always focused on making integrations as flexible as possible. The ability to write code inside the IDE has allowed Visual LANSA to integrate with applications that are nearly impossible for other low-code platforms. Now we are making integrating with modern services and platforms more convenient with a variety of sample code.  

— Amazon Simple Storage Services – Browser Direct Upload & Download

— Google Geocoding API

— Google reCAPTCHA

— Google Translate API

— Login Form with 2-factor authentication

— Single sign-on using Google, Microsoft, and Facebook

— OpenWeatherMap API

— Sending Email using SendGrid API

— Sending SMS Using Twilio

Even More Customization with Embedded HTML

With most low-code platforms, customization is severely limited and almost crippling at times. We feel a low-code platform should offer nearly the same customization as traditional coding. Visual LANSA v15 allows more customization and personalization by offering developers the tools to embed HTML directly into their application. 

Enhanced Version Control

Version control is no longer a luxury; it is a must in today’s fast-paced world of application creation. With Visual LANSA v15, version control has been enhanced and offers more functionality to track programming changes. Ensure your team always has the latest application version, keep your backups organized so you can restore the last version if needed, and store versions properly with Visual LANSA’s enhanced GIT capabilities.

More Templates to Get You Developing Faster

Visual LANSA’s templates offer a quick and easy way to get a working application going in minutes. We have increased the number of our web and mobile templates to get you developing applications faster. Pick a template, answer some questions, and click Create. That’s how easy creating a new application is in Visual LANSA.

Plus More!

Visual LANSA v15 also features expanded sample apps for new users, a dashboard app template, reCaptcha, quick rules to fields, and many more too numerous to list. The latest version of Visual LANSA was designed to make enterprise application creation faster, more efficient, and more powerful. LANSA isn’t just redefining what a low-code platform should do; we are refining what a low-code platform can do. Stay tuned for more details on additional features and when v15 will be available to download.

Join us on April 16th at 11:00 am CST for a live webinar where we will showcase some of the new features and functionality of Visual LANSA v15. Register now.

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