Portalize Is A Powerful Solution Shaping The Business Side Of Low Code

Take a look at these highlight videos from LANSA’s Low-Code Days featuring the LANSA Vision, the business side of low code, and how to build a custom portal in no time with LANSA’s customizable hybrid low-code Portalize solution.

How does LANSA shape the hybrid low code space?

LANSA’s General Manager Craig Trautman opens Low-Code Days talking about our roadmap and the way LANSA has, is and will continue to shape the low-code and hybrid low space. He will be joined by Edgar Wharton, LANSA Product Manager, laying out the road map for the Visual LANSA hybrid low-code platform.

What is the business side of low code?

Tony Graham, LANSA Product Marketing Manager, touches on the benefits and potential pitfalls of low-code platforms. Using low-code can save company resources and reduce app development costs, but is low-code right for every solution?

Bringing in a low-code platform can be a culture shock for the current IT department. It is not just a different development tool but a completely different development mentality. The “Business Side of Low-Code” session addresses how to assess, select, and implement a successful low-code project. Nearly everyone in the organization will be impacted by implementing a low-code solution. The keys to successful implementation are rather simple but often overlooked. This is a perfect video for organizations anywhere along their low-code journey.

How do I build a custom portal in no time?

Tony Graham, LANSA Product Marketing Manager, looks at an off-the-shelf enterprise portal solution that is fully scalable and customizable. Need a portal? Want to hear about some great use cases for a low-code solution? See just how quickly you can spin up a portal for your customers.

Portalize is LANSA’s newest product, launched in June of this year. But Portalize is not just an amazing start to your portal development. It is built with low-code—Visual LANSA, to be exact—and it demonstrates the power and versatility of low-code applications. If you’re still in doubt about the legitimacy of low-code, I invite you to check out the “Build a Custom Portal” fast video. Learn about the versatility of low-code while being able to jump start your custom portal development project.

When you develop web apps in Visual LANSA, you create the entire application in our IDE, using the same development approach as any Visual LANSA application. Your developers no longer need to learn several web development languages, you won’t need front-end and back-end developers. Every developer can create the entire web application from start to finish when developing in Visual LANSA.

Find out more about all of the low code features of Visual LANSA.

LANSA Hybrid Low-Code solutions are fast to deploy and easy to maintain delivering outstanding value for any application development project. Ready to get started?

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