LANSA Commerce Edition

Extend Your ERP with a Fully Integrated Self-Service e-Commerce Solution.

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Easily Configurable B2C and B2B e-Commerce Solution

LANSA Commerce Edition is a component-based solution that allows you to choose the specific functionality you want to deploy within your B2C or B2B website today, with the ability to add additional functionality in the future. Tried and true, LANSA Commerce Edition has been securely implemented over 16 different ERP systems, so integrating with packaged or customer ERP system will be straightforward.

e-Commerce Storefront
Site Management/Administration

Benefits of LANSA Commerce Edition

Augmenting your current ERP system with fully- integrated e-commerce capabilities has never been easier. LANSA’s easily configurable and customizable pre-built components incorporate the best-of-breed design from top business websites and apply it your tailored e-commerce site.

Easy Management/

We include a separate, secured site for the maintenance of storefronts, products, content, multi-lingual information, and more. Create user roles to restrict users’ access to only access parts of the site relevant to their roles and store. All pages can be set up for Google analytics tracking.


Data is the lifeblood of your company, so your e-Ccommerce security is paramount. With our multi-tiered security model, the e-Ccommerce user never directly accesses your production server, never directly exposing so your ERP system and production server to the Iinternet.


LANSA Commerce Edition supports multi-storefront capabilities from a single implementation. If you require multiple and distinct looks and feels, storefront branding, and domains for different B2B and B2C clients, we’ve got you covered.


In addition to our multi-tiered security model, LANSA conforms within a PCI DSS compliant environment. Besides utilizing an SSL security to ensure data encryption during transmission, we also avoid any local storage of cardholder data by integrating with accredited payment gateways.

Fully Integrated
and Tailored

Whether you’re ERP is vanilla or heavily customized, LANSA will integrate with this data and APIs in real- time, extending
your with B2C and B2B functionality.
Easily adapt LANSA Commerce Edition’s pre-built components to meet your business requirements or create new custom components.

Design Approach

Our solution leverages the experience of building thousands 1000s of e-Bbusiness sites for customers worldwide. By incorporating best-of-breed design from some of the top business websites in the world, LANSA lets you inherit these design approaches as well.

LANSA Commerce

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Rotary Corp's Offers a Consumer Experience to Business Customers

Rotary’s Corp’s dealers love the new e-commerice site’s responsive design and easy product search. They can now place orders on their mobile devices, while checking inventory on the shelves. Dealers also use their mobile devices to answer questions from customers visiting their stores.

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