Turbocharge Developer Productivity With Powerful Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web applications (PWA) have the potential to revolutionize the way businesses approach app development. With the ability to offer a universal experience across all devices with just a single app, PWAs offer scalability, reliability, and flexibility right inside the browser. They also offer the functionality of native mobile apps with the convenience of a website. Visual LANSA now allows you to easily create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that function and feel like native apps without requiring your customers to go through the app store. Being able to deploy to multiple platforms with a single application really leverages your developer productivity to its fullest. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of developing PWAs with LANSA in order to exponentially increase productivity.

How can I increase productivity across the board?

Is your IT team large enough to meet all your business needs, including your mobile, web, and cloud requirements? Do you have the necessary development skills to deliver, and can you deliver quickly? Is the maintenance load for your current applications so heavy that you can’t get to new projects fast enough? Is it difficult for your team to juggle so many scripting and programming languages?

What if you could instantly upgrade your existing developers to full-stack developers? What if you could increase their productivity while also allowing faster results by incorporating mobile, web, and cloud applications?

Now you can, with LANSA. Visual LANSA is the original low-code rapid application development platform designed to increase developer productivity and help get vital enterprise-grade applications delivered quickly.

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How can I build a responsive application quickly?

LANSA has been speeding the productivity of IT developers for over 30-years and now serves over 7,000 customers across the planet. Developers using Visual LANSA can deliver complex IT applications faster than before because they develop mobile, web Cloud and desktop applications with one powerful low-code platform.

With less code, you can develop faster, reach end-users on any form factor, and simplify application maintenance. It enables companies to future-proof their applications and staff by allowing the platform to handle all the new and evolving technology standards, security, scalability, and user interfaces.

To see more about how you can quickly build responsive web apps using LANSA’s Low-Code development platform, check out this demo:

What are the key features of LANSA Progressive Web Apps?

Installable Website

PWA apps can be accessed via the web via a web browser. When you launch a PWA, you view an application window that looks and behaves like any other app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Once installed, it appears to be a native application with no browser bar or web tabs.

A Web App with Offline Capability

When creating PWAs, the app’s offline functionality should be prioritized. One of the primary advantages of PWAs is the ability to use web storage and for the developer to specify what can be cached. This enables the PWA to function as intended even when internet connectivity is limited or non-existent. Even though it is a web app, the ability to function without interruption is a powerful feature.

Shareable App

PWAs are much easier to discover and use than native mobile apps. Customers can share your apps by including a regular web link in an email, on a website, through social media, in any web document, or even in a text message. PWAs also require fewer steps to install than native apps, making them more likely to be installed and used.

One App and No App Store Required

Businesses only need to create one PWA to support all devices. The app can be downloaded and installed on desktops, laptops, and any web-enabled mobile device. This single app will also provide a unified experience across all devices. There will be no need to maintain apps across multiple app stores.

Be on the Lookout for PWAs

Visual LANSA’s soon-to-be-released feature update will help developers develop low-code apps. Developers won’t have to worry about the intricacies of PWAs, such as manifests and service workers, and can focus on developing an app that solves the needs of their users.

How can I create a universal experience across all devices?

Since its static beginnings, the web has evolved dramatically. As the face of an online business, websites welcome both new and existing customers into the world of an organization.

Progressive Web App

However, as time passed, the web lacked the functionality, design, and native features that businesses desired, phones became ubiquitous, and mobile applications became a game-changer.

A progressive web application is a way to create a universal experience across mobile and desktop platforms and view and use the web in entirely new ways while increasing your marketability.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:

  • What is the Goal of Progressive Web Apps
  • Why Progressive Web Apps
  • How They Work
  • Building a Strategy Around Progressive Web Apps

Download the Progressive Web Apps: Create a Universal Experience Across All Devices Whitepaper

How can I quickly build Progressive Web Apps?

The hybrid low-code approach developed by LANSA combines the efficiency of low-code with the versatility of traditional coding. Visual LANSA’s ability to easily create PWAs solidifies its position as the most powerful enterprise low-code app builder available.

To know more about how you Create a Progressive Web App with Your Existing Visual LANSA Web App, watch this:

Deep Dive: How can I learn more about progressive web apps?

Progressive web applications (PWA) are gaining popularity due to the value they provide to businesses. Many businesses have already benefited from PWA by expanding their consumer reach and improving their customer experience. One of the PWA’s core abilities is the ability to run with a poor or no internet connection in a manner that is nearly identical to having a high-speed connection.

In this video, Tony Graham discusses:

  • Essential PWA features and benefits.
  • Different development approaches, use cases, and applications.
  • How to determine if a PWA is right for you.

Case Study: Computer Merchants

Computer Merchants use LANSA technology to provide customers with mobile access to their line of the business system. The app, CM Live, significantly impacts how Computer Merchants and their customers interact with one another. It is a very successful first step in Computer Merchants’ transformation from a system of record to a system of engagement.

To learn more about how Computer Merchants and their customers interact with one another. You may watch this Case Study Video:

Read the full case Computer Merchants study here.

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